Taiwan Orchid Growers Association visited the Exhibition of 22th World Orchid Conference.

Nov. 10, 2017

Leading by deputy mayor Chang Guang-yao and Tseng Chun-pi, chairman of Taiwan Orchid Growers Association (TOGA), TOGA collaborates with the distributors, growers and floral professionals has visited the 22th WOC in Guayaquil Ecuador on November 7 to 12, and promoted the image of Taiwan.

 In Taiwan display section, our hundred-year-old landmark Houxing Pavilion, which was decorated with 2,500 and over different kinds of orchid by the floral professionals, caught all the

audience’s eyes. It also got the substantial front-page splash on the El Universo in Ecuador. Our floral work also won the first lady,

Rocío González Navas’ admiration and her posing for the photos. Taiwan exhibition section won the runner-up award of 22th WOC exhibition.


Taiwan has the reputation of “Orchid Kingdom”, and the orchid industry is also our strong point. According to the statistics, one out of every two orchids is from Taiwan on the international orchid market. Orchid as our national image has also become the important product. The TOGA had prepared over 2,500 and 50 kinds of orchid seedlings expressing them to Ecuador, and ripened them with the collaboration for sparing for the best representation half year ago. Before the opening day on November 3, all the floral professionals overcame jet lag decorating and fixing up for the exhibition for five days without resting. Finally they show the most elegant and graceful floral art of orchid to all the audience. Over forty thousand kinds of orchid, which displayed and sold by our distributors, were also very famous.


Source: MOFA pressroom