World Orchid Conference 2020 in Taichung, Invites International Guests for the Event.

Sep. 27, 2017

The 23rd World Orchid Conference will be held in Taichung in March 2020. The city government held an introduction today (27). The Deputy-mayor Chang Kuan-yiao invited the members attending the AIPH fall conference to participate not only to the Taichung Flora Expo next year, but also the 2020 World Orchid Conference to experience the rich Taiwan culture.


Deputy Mayor Chang indicated that The World Orchid Conference is an important international conference held every 3 years. With great effort, the city government and the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association obtained hosting of the 23rd World Orchid Conference in Taichung on 2020. He will also be leading a delegation to Ecuador this November to undertake the flag for host country.


Deputy Chang also pointed out that four major themes are planned for the 2020 World Orchid Conference including Native, Conservation, Diversity and Share. Combining the 2020 World Orchid Exhibition in Tainan, all are invited to participate in these two grand annual events and experience the rich Taiwanese culture. He also welcomes all the AIPH member attendees to the 2018 World Flora Exposition to listen to the sound of blooming.


Taiwan Orchid Growers Association chairman Chen Cheng-zhong stated that the hosting of the 2020 World Orchid Conference in Taichung was obtained through great effort. Taiwan used to focus mainly on development, thus it is hoped that environmental consciousness, humanities and creativity may be closely integrated with the industry by means of hosting this orchid conference.


Taiwan Orchid Growers Association secretary Tseng pointed out that invitations are planned for 3,000 guests from 36 countries and the event is expected to spur orchid export and boost Taiwan orchid industry development.