The traffic in Taichung is convenient, so there are many tools and routes we can use when we visit there, such as train, THSR or bus.

Natural resources

Taichung is the third biggest city in Taiwan. It is located in the essential area of central Taiwan and it’s the core city of central Taiwan as well. The great weather and environment make Taichung a great place for everyone to relax and have fun. 

Gaomei Wetland 

Many creatures and plants can be seen in Gaomei Wetland because of its special geologic environment. The main creatures that lives in it are: birds, fishes, crabs and other invertebrates. Many migratory birds come to Gaomei Wetland in winter, so it is abundant in natural resources. We can take a closer look at the creatures that lives in the wetland and enjoy sunset while walking along the trail.


Many classic Taiwanese dishes are from Taichung, so there are many souvenirs we can buy when we visit Taichung. For instance, sun cakes, bubble tea, chicken fillet, chicken feet, boiled grass jelly with taro balls, butter cake, etc. You can’t miss these cheap but delicious classic dishes when you visit Taichung!

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When it comes to Taichung classic dishes, you can’t miss the classic, sun cakes. It first came out from a store on Ziyou Road near the train station. Even though there are many new sun cakes in Taichung and it looks almost the same, the flavor still varies. To find out your favorite flavor, you should visit the sun cake store on Ziyou Road and try the original sun cakes.

Taichung Sun Cakes

Shopping areas in Taichung

After merging Taichung provincial city and Taichung County, there are 29 districts in Taichung now. Each district has developed different types of industries, such as shopping districts. The commercial districts include the art museum, Jing-Ming shopping area, Feng Chia Night Market and Yizhong shopping district. They are tourists’ favorite attractions in Taichung.

Jing-Ming shopping area

The biggest characteristic of Jing-Ming shopping area is its comfortable shopping environment. There are many coffee shops and special dishes with seats on the sidewalk. After going shopping, you can have a cup of coffee with your friends. There are many clothes, luxuries, hand-made clothes in the shopping area. We can also see some street performers and art activities there.

Major events in Taichung

In coordination with festivals through the year, Taichung City holds various events that let people have a fun time in the city. Of all the events, Taichung Light Festival, Taichung Jazz Festival and Taichung City Mazu International Festival are three most well-known festivals that hold in Taichung. Except for all the activities, Taichung also has many historical buildings and attraction that worth our visits.

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Taichung Light Festival

The well received festival took place in various locations since 2013, including National Opera House and Taichung Park Pavilion. This festival has attracted a total number of a million visitors throughout the years, and it has become a classic festival that holds in Taichung annually.

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