Project Seeding:

Orchid Conservation Initiative

Project Seeding is a long-term program co-hosted by The Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center and The Taiwan Orchid Growers Association. Project Seeding targets the global conservation of endangered orchid species. Organizations and researchers are invited to submit conservation projects focusing on the propagation and reintroduction of threatened orchid species, and applications that pass the evaluation will be granted a maximum of USD 2,500 per species. This project aims to provide support for up to 50 endangered orchid species. The results of the projects supported by this initiative should be presented and showcased during the World Orchid Conference 2020 in Taiwan.
Through Project Seeding, we hope we can help highly threatened orchid species and protect their habitats. We want to ensure that wild orchids flourish again.


Project Rooting:

Orchid Conservation Mapping

By using the power and the relationship, TOGA has built with the world orchid association, we would invite some associations to join us and investigate the species and amount of orchid botanical gardens have or orchids owned by some private orchid collectors. In the meanwhile, we would edit the introduction of the orchid collectors and make an orchid check list as the database of orchid collection. We would digitalize the existed species of orchids and let both academia and industry know the species we have in order to get the complete and correct information for everyone. 

 Project Blossoming:

Formosa Lectures 

According to the four themes of 23rd WOC in 2020, we divided the orchid issues into seven major areas: Conservation, Ecology, Systematics, Breeding, Genetics & Development, Cultivation and Orchid Industry. We would invite some famous research experts in these seven major areas as the speakers in this program. There would be 100 or more speakers gather in this program to exchange their experience and ideas on these issues.


Deadline for Application : Sep. 20, 2019


Project Budding:

Young Fellow Award

To encourage the youth to join the issues related to orchids, we would like to offer scholarship to the potential youths under 40 years old who study / research in college or institute to join 23rd WOC in 2020 to promote the education of orchids. Youths who take part in the orchid research in the four themes planned by the 23rd WOC or youths with the background knowledge related to orchids can apply for the scholarship. We estimate the number of youths that can get the scholarship and join 23rd WOC at 150 students.

Application Period : Nov. 1, 2018 - Apr. 30, 2019


Project Grafting:

Global Orchid Alliance

To gather everyone’s power to protect and conserve orchids, Taiwan is actively looking for partners who have the goals as we do to join us. We hope we can connect with WOC and build a platform to communicate and exchange ideas through this project. We set Southeast Asia and the whole world as our goals. We would like to sign contracts with over 50 international Orchid Associations in three years. At the same time, we would invite the representatives of each group to join the 23rd WOC in Taiwan. With Project Grafting, groups and members can build up good relationships with each other and we can immediately spread out the information once there are activities, conferences or programs in the future. This project could shorten the distance of TOGA and other Orchid Associations in the world so we can work together on conserving and studying orchids.