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Explore the indigenous species and protect the habitats

The concept of Native comes from the respect towards the diversity of lives and environmental education. Since the orchid family is big and it's difficult to distinguish the Orchidaceae plants that haven’t bloomed, scientists believe that there are still many native orchids in the world that haven’t been found. These native orchids might be distinct before they are found due to the urbanization. Therefore, putting more efforts on exploring the indigenous species and protecting the habitats become urgent while the whole world is busy developing the cities. 



Rehabilitate and cultivate the orchid species

The idea of conservation comes from the speed of Orchidaceae plants distinction is getting worse. If we find the new species of native orchids but we can’t give them a habitat to protect them or habilitate the species, then we would still lose this orchid species in the end. Thus, the concept of conservation is to improve our cultivation and rehabilitation skills and promote Orchidaceae plants.



Combine and develop the industry of orchid

The concept of diversity comes from the maturity and development of the orchid industrial chain which cultivates more orchids that can be planted and seen at home and create the economic miracle of orchids. The ornamental orchids can be done through artificial propagation instead of getting the orchids through black market. In this way, we can protect the habitats of orchids from stealing. While developing the industry, we can also assist the flower growers to transform into learning quality agriculture and train more orchid breeders.



International communication and promotion of education

The idea of share comes from sustainable operation. Since conservation of orchids is developing and improving, we can’t just do our own job but connecting ourselves to the world. We can communicate and share our industry with other. In the meanwhile, we can promote and deepen correct conservation ideas in order to pass down the conservation of orchids through generations.

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Conference: Mar. 9-12, 2020

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