Key dates

To ensure a smooth preparation of your talk for the Conference, we would like to provide you with some guidelines for preparing your presentation.

The Submission deadlines and the Guidelines can be downloaded below.

  1. Full Paper:  January 20, 2020

  2. Poster Paper: January 31, 2020

The 23rd WOC Full Paper Submission Guideline


The 23rd WOC Instructions for Posters


The 23rd WOC Instructions for Preparing Full Papers


Project Blossoming: Formosa Lectures(Invited)

Project Blossoming brings together world-renowned orchid experts to share their experience and ideas on orchid issues. These have been divided into seven major areas: Conservation, Ecology, Systematics, Breeding, Genetics and Development, Cultivation, and Orchid industry.

Project Blossoming: Formosa Lectures

Project Seeding: Orchid Conservation Initiative

Project Seeding targets the global conservation of endangered orchid species and also focuses on the propagation and reintroduction of threatened orchid species. By protecting their habitats, we want to ensure that wild orchids flourish in the future.

Project Budding: Young Fellow Award

Project Budding encourages young people who study or research orchid topics in colleges or other educational institutions to share their ideas and learning outcomes.

Project Rooting: World Orchid Collections 2020

Project Rooting aims to map orchid species which are held in botanical gardens and orchid collections worldwide.  Through the conference it will bring together representatives from a cross-section of ex situ orchid collections from around the world to discuss the purpose and potential of their work. A book will be produced and given to each delegate illustrating the collections, showcasing their current work and demonstrating their diversity.

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